IMO 2020 sulphur regulations

July 25 2019

The Spliethoff Group is moving towards a durable future and minimising our environmental footprint has long been a focal point for us. The reduction of emissions is a fundamental part of this.

The International Maritime Organization will implement the worldwide sulphur cap regulations per 1st of January 2020. To comply with the new regulations Spliethoff Group has opted to install the proven technology of exhaust gas cleaning systems on the majority of its fleet. These systems, also known as scrubbers, have already been in use within the Group since 2012. 

By using scrubbers, we not only remove the sulphur, but also a significant amount of black carbon and particulate matter from the exhaust gasses. As confirmed by independent studies the emitted wash water is harmless to the environment.

The adoption of scrubbers increases the costs of transportation, but we believe that this investment achieves the best solution for the environment in a safe and cost-efficient way.

We prepared a short animation to inform our stakeholders about the new regulations, the options for compliance and our considerations to choose for scrubber technology.

For even more background information, please refer to the website of the Clean Shipping Alliance:
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