Spliethoff commitment to safety pays off

October 20 2015

After fifty-one shipments the INPEX project was executed with zero injuries.

Safety is a top priority for Spliethoff. It adheres to the very latest industry safety standards and works hard to identify risks to ensure a safe working environment for its employees, contractors and third parties. Spliethoff is therefore proud to have concluded the transport of over 35.000 pipeline joints for the INPEX project without any safety incident. 

The lNPEX Ichthys LNG Project gas export pipeline (GEP) in Australia’s northern territory, will be one of the longest subsea pipelines ever built. The pipeline is composed of about 700,000 tonnes of steel and coated with 550,000 tonnes of concrete with a length of 889 kilometre.

Spliethoff utilised several of its D-type vessels for the operation. Due to excellent collaboration between the shore team and sea crew and accurate project management of INPEX and Spliethoff, the quality and safety of the working process was ensured. Leading to this success in safe project execution both companies are proud off.