First DP2 B-type vessel Brouwersgracht christened

April 18 2023

Last Saturday, April 15, m.v. Brouwersgracht was festively christened in the Cacaohaven in Amsterdam. The vessel is the first of a series of two unique DP2 B-type vessels.

The Christening ceremony was carried out by Mrs N.E. Spliethoff, granddaughter of Johan Fredrik Spliethoff, the founder of the company. The christening ceremony was attended by a large party of guests, among whom many employees. After the ceremony the guests were given the opportunity to visit the vessel. 

Spliethoff DP2 B-type vessels
The Spliethoff DP2 B-type vessels are unique in the market. They combine the capabilities of an ice-strengthened multi-purpose vessel and a deadweight of some 12.500 mton, with a superior DP2 system, which makes them eminently suitable for offshore delivery of large volumes and weights of cargo. For fast, safe and efficient loading and unloading of pipes, the vessels have been equipped with a dedicated automated crane system, specially developed for these cargoes. Furthermore, the vessels, sailing under Dutch flag, are equipped with two Huisman 500 mt Heavy Lift Mast cranes, which makes them excellently suited for the transportation of heavy cargoes.

To comply with the strict regulations regarding SOx- and NOx-emissions, the propulsion and power generation systems have been equipped with scrubbers and SCR systems. Combining this with their fuel-efficient design, makes the vessels environmentally friendly and in line with the Spliethoff Group’s continuous pursuit of greener business operations.

Ms Brouwersgracht is the fourth vessel of Spliethoff by this name. The first Brouwersgracht dated from 1950, the second from 1967 and the last but one Brouwersgracht was taken into service in 1980.