Being established more than 100 years ago and with a diverse fleet, Spliethoff has become a leading dry cargo specialist in worldwide ocean transport.

Loading and discharging of non-containerised cargo is a complex operation. Our specialists know that proper communication between all parties is critical to the success of any such cargo operation.
To ensure all parties are fully informed of the particular cargo requirements and in order to have full control over all port operations, we employ our own cargo superintendents.

Our cargo superintendents are experts in cargo and port operations. They liaise between the cargo owners, the vessel and the chartering department and take care, together with the Master and his crew, of the planning of a voyage and cargo operations from beginning to end.

The expertise of the crew and the cargo superintendent is vital in the pre-planning phase, which is carried out in a professional and efficient manner, thus saving time and avoiding complications on the day cargo is loaded or discharged.

Apart from preparing the stowage plans, the cargo superintendents also attend the vessel during cargo operations to coordinate and supervise loading and discharging operations.