Forest products

Spliethoff has been shipping forest and paper products from the very beginning of its existence.
The company manages 14 dedicated ‘S-type’ vessels, which were designed in close collaboration with the industry.

The vessels boast many special features such as a side loading system, dehumidifying systems in the holds, removable tweendecks and box-shaped holds.

Cargo Superintendent are supervising operations in the loading ports. The design and special features of the vessels, in combination with experienced crews and expert supervision, guarantee swift handling even in adverse weather conditions. This results in Spliethoff having one of the lowest damage ratios in the industry.

S-type vessels embody many special features including: 

  • A side door system which guarantees swift, damage free handling of paper, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Five sideloaders of 16 tonnes SWL each
  • Dehumidifying system in hold
  • Box-shaped holds
  • Removable tweendecks
  • Up to 18 knots service speed




    Spliethoff S-class vessels
    Fluff pulp in rolls