Project cargo

Spliethoff has a solid track record and decades of experience in the offshore sector and frequently handles project cargo shipments for mining facilities and power generation plants, as well as for petrochemical plants and oil refineries.

The fleet is deployed in supporting construction operations, for highly technical heavy lift manoeuvres and for sensitive cargo. 

Spliethoff is also deployed in offshore pipe laying support by supplying pipes to other vessels at sea, barges and quays.

Any project – large or small – requires a vast amount of planning, coordination and expertise. By getting involved in the planning process as early as possible, Spliethoff provides its clients with detailed, workable solutions and adds value to projects.

  • Solid track record & years of experience in the Oil & Gas market
  • Vessels suited for offshore operations
  • Safety management is integral to any operation
  • Reliable in getting the job done in line with requirements



  Windmills from Germany to Australia

  Parts for a drilling tower

  Piles from Avilés to Flushing