Cargo superintendent

BigLift Shipping is looking for you!

We need you to prepare marine heavy lift operations and execute them worldwide. Is this you?

  • Execute projects from A-Z;
  • Out-of-the-box transport solutions;
  • Travel worldwide
  • Use brains and boots;
  • Good safety attitude.

BigLift is a world leading heavy lift transport company. With a fleet of 21 state of the art vessels, complex cargo operations are day-to-day business. BigLift offers you a unique combination of die-hard engineering and boots on deck project execution.

 Projects vary from installation of large harbour cranes over 50m tall which have to be placed incredibly accurately on rails, through multiple shipments of refinery modules as tall as apartment buildings across rough oceans, to building wharf decks as wide as 8 lane highways and moving delicate luxurious yachts.

 To achieve commercial success, the ships are often pushed to their limits. Think of crane capacities, space and cargo requirements, and structural integrity of the ship, the cargo and the seafastening. Every transport requires detailed preparations, calculations and analysis.

 You will be involved in project preparations as well as execution on site. You will have a lot of freedom to make projects a success. Does the cargo require an out-of-the box transport solution? Go ahead. Need project specific lifting gear? Your job. Together with the engineering team and operational experts you will prepare the full project plan, communicate with the client, obtain approval by surveyors and make sure that all project deliverables and logistics are arranged on time prior to the start of the execution. And once on site it is your role to coordinate all operations in a safe and efficient manner.

 If you are a maritime professional and triggered by this job description, willing to travel worldwide and taking responsibility for the safe execution of projects, then BigLift has the job for you. You will qualify for this position if you hold a Bachelor’s degree as Maritime Officer, have relevant experience in the heavy lift industry and possess good computer skills, preferably with CAD programs.


Do you have the required knowledge and experience and would you like to be considered for this position? Send your resume and motivation letter to our General Manager Projects Michiel van Mondfrans via